In this role, we try to favour the relationship between Italian and foreign companies, for successful trading exchanges among the parties. 

Our priorities are: selecting the subjects involved, verifying the reliability and professionalism of both parties, ensuring the quality requirements of the products and/or services involved, while also confirming compliance with what is being established.

Finally, if required, we can deal with the supervision of the accuracy of all the phases of the negotiation and payments. 
Clearly, we can count on a wide array of contacts based on trust with Italian and foreigner producers, distributors, importers and exporters. 

We can offer the best international purchase and sale occasionse can count on a wide array of ciontacts s of all the ohases of the negotiation and of the payments. ghes and at th, especially in the following sectors: interior design, and all the related aspects, high quality food, wine and food, production of accessories for pets. 

Thanks to our tested practices we can locate the companies able to fulfil your requirements and we can help you gain access to the most important opportunities.

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