Export department

  • Assistance in the overall internationalization project, with special attention to the careful planning of investments and objectives, supported by suitable marketing actions, and to the enhancement of the quality of Italian products and services. Assessment of the company’s export potential. 

  • Market research aimed at defining the social and economic scenario of the target country, of the competitors involved, of the positioning of the products, of the purchasing habits and the related strategies. 

  • Introduction of the company according to the characteristics of the markets selected and also careful image enhancement. 

  • Search for new trading partners and management of the relationship, aiming at the strengthening of the exchanges and at establishing customer loyalty. 

  • Assistance in the organization of fairs, conferences or meetings, in the management of the events and in the follow-up, to make the investments profitable. 

  • Organization of commercial missions and meetings in order to attract new potential customers. 

  • Management of the reception of the commercial partners during their visit to Italy. 

  • Custom, contractual and fiscal assistance for the approach to foreign markets, licensing, import-export quota, consul’s and Chamber of Commerce visas. 

  • Logistic assistance and selection of the forwarding agents and air, marine and land carriers for cost optimization and for the protection of the international transport service quality; assistance for the insurance of the goods. 

  • Assistance in the arrangement of the documentary credit, in the takings operations and in case of legal disputes related to the procedures for the collection of credits from other countries. 

  • Assistance in the access to financing for foreign trade and mediation between companies and public authorities aimed at favouring the internationalization process. 

  • Assistance in the participation in international tenders.

  • Collection and supply of database concerning production, commercial and technology international partners.

  • Assistance in the setting-up of an e-commerce organization. 

  • Assistance in the international protection of trademarks and patents. 

  • Assistance in the formation of companies, holdings, joint-ventures or partnerships in foreign countries.

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